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 Gudula Urban, Paul Schuberth and Willi Platzer create music that is spontaneous, honest, surprising and free of genre limitations!

Performing mostly only originals, the trio effortlessly moves between neo-impressionistic jazz, funky grooves, tangoesque rhythms, eastern and classical music elements and heartfelt blue notes. Since the compositions leave lots of space for improvisation, each player can always freely influence the expression and intensity of the pieces. With the cajon’s calm and steady beat which might quickly turn into some wild funk-groove, the warm sound of the cello which might suddenly behave like an electric bass, and the bright and sweet tone of the accordion which within a short moment might turn up it’s subversive power -  the three musicians always strive to exploit everything their instruments have to offer!

URBAN SHOE gave their debut concert at the International Accordion Festival Vienna 2013 before a full house at Ehrbar Saal Vienna.


Cellist Gudula Urban has performed concerts around the world as a chamber musician, soloist, orchestra musician, band member and as a singer. She collaborates with inspiring musicians in classical music as well as in jazz, soul and world music. She tours as a member of the celloquartet eXtracello (www.extracello.at) and has recorded a jazz-gospel solo album with her original songs as vocalist.     www.gudula-urban.com

Paul Schuberth, born 1994, as one of Austrian's most versatile young accordionists has recorded numerous CDs and since the age of 12 he has been giving concerts with both solo programs and as a part of various projects, working with jazz, world music and classical music artists from Europe.    www.paulschuberth.com

Willi Platzer’s passionate and versatile percussion playing has made him a sought after musician in many different bands anywhere between blues-rock and ethno or world music. During the last few years he has intensified his work with theatre productions and multi-media art-performances.    www.williplatzer.com

Gudula Urban © Eric Foto


Paul Schuberth © Eric Foto

Willi Platzer © Yannick Bodemer